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Free tutorials for enthusiastic beginners entering into the world of programming and 'How-To' guides for windows devices.

Software and Hardware Solutions

Web design, software development, hardware repairs and a wide range of other IT services are availabe with

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Find out about Joe, his career history, portfolio and projects. See all of his skills, achievements and contributions.

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Web Design

Full web design package including one year hosting

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Android App

Full Android app package with upload to Play Store

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Apple App

Full Apple app package with upload to Apple Store

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iPhone Repairs

New LCD and Digitizer with 3 month warrenty

Web, Mobile and Software Solutions

Joe's Mission

Working with individuals, small businesses and large companies alike, strives to deliver excellent services within the IT industy. This Includes intricate hardware repairs, bespoke software packages and state of the art web design. produces videos for beginners to learn programming languages and 'How-To' guides to help encourage novice computer users become confident in every-day computing.


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FREE HTML and CSS Complete Beginners Guide

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Have you ever wanted to lean how to make your own website? Does initial research look too complicated? Do guides never start at the VERY beginning? Well check out my new tutorial series 'HTML and CSS for Complete Beginners'. It includes everything to get you started and progressing quickly into making great websites.

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Every business and person with an online presence uses some form of social meadia and/or blog to keep thier readers informed. Here are some of favourite sites:

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